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If you are female you might feel intimidated because if the saying "Africa is not for sisies". It means Africa is not for the faint-hearted. Whether true or not is not important. All this refers to is the wild animals that we see in Africa. Elephants, lions, tigers, hippos, rhinos are all available in Africa. Due to this exposure most Africans learn the behavior of these dangerous animals. In knowing how they behave you see African men hunting, playing with these animals. Something foreign to people not used in the environment. You might have seen videos on social media of African young men getting into cages and grabbing poisonous snakes and pythons. It's not a joke. Even the show "naked and afraid show" cannot match the bravery of African men. 

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Everything might be negative about Africa but we in Africa are proud of our environment. We call it the mother land; the origin of human kind. The continent of the brave. 

Top Notch Tops takes this further by not only talking but designing hoodies, sneakers and t shirts for similar minded people to show the world how proud Africans are. Why not visit us and see what we have in store for you. 

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