Elephant Hoodies

African Elephants

Gentle giants of the African forest, African safaris are known for their incredible size, intelligence and good social behaviour. Always walking slow in the bush or on her way to the river. Such animals play a critical role in our ecosystem.


                 tThe Giant Animal in the Zoo

A sad story though is that elephants are facing serious threats; extinction, habitat loss, poaching and climate change, hence Top Noth Tops designed hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts to help spread the word “Save Our Gentle Giants – The Elephants” . If you really care about elephants we kindly ask you to support the initiative by purchasing and wearing one of the following tshirts or hoodies to help support conserve the species.

Elephant hoodiesMy roots are in AfricaBlack man's pride

Top Notch hooded sweatshirts speak directly to the elephant conservation with its artistic design of the elephant frontal view. Top Notch Tops hooded sweatshirts are not only comfortable but are made from high quality cotton eco-friendly materials designed to keep you warm and comfortable. The products are designed to last.  The beauty about these t-shirts and hoodies does not lie in the purchase only but in the fact that a certain percentage will be donated to the organizations established to support and protect elephants.

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