Hard Work Beats Talent

Indeed hard work beats talent. Where this is true or not it does not matter to me. The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Or I can say it depends on who is talented. Some  believe that for you to succeed you do not need to work hard. All you need therefore is talent. Talent takes you places. 


Unfortunately, talent comes natural. It's something you are born with. Take a singer for example. No matter how much you practice singing, if you are not a good singer you never gonna sing on stage. All good singers are talented and display talent on stage no hard work. Look at Barcelona FC. There can only be one Messi. When the guys penetrates defenders, it's a display of a unique talent not hard work. 

Hard Work Complements Talent 

Without hard work though, without practice, without rehearsal even the most talented fail to make it on stage. In sport you need to exercise regularly because fitness complements your talent. Consider the example of the Barcelona soccer star, where would he be without fitness? I am certain that you know of soccer stars whose careers were cut short due to ill discipline and failure to work hard. Singers who fail to rehearse make fool of themselves on stage. Indeed hard work beats or complements talent. At least it is what we believe in here at Top Notch Tops. 

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