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Sportmen never leave sport. Whether someone played football, volleyball, basketball, boxing, karate, etc., it doesn't matter. Sport becomes part of your life till your last breath. Even though someone is no longer playing the heart still plays because you still follow the sport of your choice. You comment, guide players or young ones, you give opinions during or after the game. You live your sport. 

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My colleagues at work are also passionate people about cricket, rugby and soccer. Former sport men always train themselves to keep fit and healthy even though age no longer allows them to play. Gaining weight is not an option to them. 

We design Top Notch slim fit clothing with you in mind. Like the Muscle sleeveless t-shirt above. Its a soft sleeveless top wear that allows you to wear at any event. You look young, fit and different. Our designs are not meant for anyone but for sport fans, former sport men and young, vibrant and fit youth.

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