Locating Your Child in Crowded Environment

Locate Disappeared Kids

Often times we find our selves in malls, beaches, parks, ceremonies, etc. You never know where you will be the next weekend. One thing for sure is that  you will be out somewhere as you need to spend time out with your kids. 

Now and again kids want to play with their peers. It doesn't matter where you are. Even in the beach kids always want to play with their peers or play games with others. The point you cannot always stare at your kids. Eventually, a kid will just disappear out of the blue. As a parent you start panicking, moving up and down looking for your child. If this happens in a crowded environment like the beach or a mall, you just start imagining the worst of the situation. 


Who will not imagine the worst after all the things that we see happening to kids. Kids disappear never to be found again. Keeping a close eye on your kid is must do. 

Top Notch Tops Smart Watches for Kids are designed for this purpose. Monitoring the whereabouts of you child is possible with our range of kids smart watches. Our 1.44inch touch-screen smart watch accurately locates your child within 50m radius of where he/she is. You can call the child directly from this smart watch. You can decide on the app that the child only receives call from your number. Amazing. That is what technology can do nowadays. 

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